Some More Three Dog Night Please . . .

Once again, I will start out with the disclaimer that while I enjoy the sound of the music group Three Dog Night, their lifestyle is not necessarily one to be emulated by Christians, however the issues they raised in the early 70’s through their music still are issues we face today in America.  And (sigh)Continue reading “Some More Three Dog Night Please . . .”

Whose Line is it Anyways?

There was a British/American TV show about improvisational comedy. I admit I never saw the show.  But it was based upon the concept of seeing where a suggestion would take the guests. I have taken some time to ponder over what I had written in my last post.  Sometimes as I write these blogs, IContinue reading “Whose Line is it Anyways?”

It Looks like a Three Dog Night . . .

There was a rock group in the early seventies known as Three Dog Night. There name is derived from someone homeless on the street, knowing that it will be a cold night, he is in need of at least three dogs to keep him warm while he sleeps. Two of the biggest hits of thisContinue reading “It Looks like a Three Dog Night . . .”