Heart to Heart . . .

One of the ways that manipulators like to prey on Christians is to get them to not trust what they hear from the Holy Spirit because we can be deceived. So without the special giftings of certain people, one can not properly move forward with God. They love to quote the verse: Jeremiah 17:9 ESVContinue reading “Heart to Heart . . .”

A Fonzi Moment . . .

Back in the day of my youth, there was a hit TV series called “Happy Days.” There was a side character played by Henry Winkler named Fonzi who quickly became a fan favorite and star. He was a greaser biker of the 50’s, he always wore a leather jacket, and was always supposed to beContinue reading “A Fonzi Moment . . .”

Christian Fortune Tellers . . .

The modern charismatic church by and large has gotten backwards the role of prophecy. From what I have witnessed prophecy has become a Christian version of fortune telling. It is wrongly believed that the role of the prophet is to foretell the future. Prophecy emerged at a time before we had a completed Old TestamentContinue reading “Christian Fortune Tellers . . .”