When We Become the Focus of Worship (Pt 2) . . .

“If all you have is a hammer, it is amazing how every problem begins to look like a nail.” (Pop culture proverb attributed to many sources) There are two stories of Jesus healing a blind man by spitting.  First directly into the mans eyes and then secondly into a mud mixture: Mark 8:23 ESV –Continue reading “When We Become the Focus of Worship (Pt 2) . . .”

Dear Church, dearMoon . . .

Today’s blog is more of pure speculation than anything else.  But as one who likes to gaze at the stars through my telescope and have submitted my name to the dearMoon Project, I think there is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Recently a co-worker shared the following image with me: And it gotContinue reading “Dear Church, dearMoon . . .”

Ignoring the Obvious

I am including two posts and two very different accounts of modern-day persecution.  BOTH are horrific.  I touched on this once before: Tigray survivors share horrors of mass killings as Sunday school kids are among thousands dead https://www.christianpost.com/news/tigray-survivors-detail-massacres-as-many-kids-are-among-the-dead.html and ‘Practically this has been a genocide’ Doctors say rape is being used as a weapon ofContinue reading “Ignoring the Obvious”

Endgame . . .

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Endgame revolves around a villain with good intent named Thanos. He wants to end suffering by snapping his fingers with infinity stones and just make half the people he deems as unnecessary or a hinderance to world survival disappear. I just recently had a conversation with a graduate philosophy major. Continue reading “Endgame . . .”

Whose Approval are We Seeking . . .

With Covid 19, many churches have found themselves on the “outs” with their government. Some have chosen to beleive that since it has not affected themselves personally, it isn’t as bad as it portrayed in the media. Here in the United States it was even suggested that the virus was a vast conspiracy to keepContinue reading “Whose Approval are We Seeking . . .”