The Church vs The Kingdom vs The Culture

I have been trying to wrap my head around a new term I heard the other day called “Exvangelical.”  While it may seem like a heady term, it basically refers to those who can no longer identify as an Evangelical.  And this has hit home in a very profound way. While this article onlyContinue reading “The Church vs The Kingdom vs The Culture”

I Was Looking Back to See . . .

While growing up in the 70’s there was still a time when polka music could still be heard on the radio.  Every Sunday morning my mother would turn on the radio and listen to polka music as we were getting ready for church.  Later on in life I pastored a small country church where theContinue reading “I Was Looking Back to See . . .”

Not Ignoring the Natural . . .

I live in an area where we tend to get less sunlight than the average population, especially in the winter.  So it is not too unusual to hear of others or experience myself, some seasonal affective disorder, which affects our sleep and eating patterns. In the winter, our skies our quite often dark and grey,Continue reading “Not Ignoring the Natural . . .”

God is Never Late But . . .

When I attended seminary, there was a older woman who was a secretary that had a saying, “God is never late, but he sure has missed quite a few opportunities to be early!” After attending the early service today, that saying has been buzzing through my brain. At the early service, the music worship portionContinue reading “God is Never Late But . . .”