History Becomes Legend, and Legend Becomes Myth . . . (Pt 2)

In the opening of the movie, The Fellowship of the Rings, a famous line is uttered: “ . . . some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth.” Today I want to examine other prophesies that Kim Clement prophesied. But before I do I want to makeContinue reading “History Becomes Legend, and Legend Becomes Myth . . . (Pt 2)”

Demands, Commands, and other types of Mands . . .

In the 1980s there was a book making the rounds by Josh McDowell. Josh became famous for writing a book called, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. A classic regarding the historical accuracy of Scripture, Jesus, and the Crucifixion. But back in the day he was also famous for a lesser known book called, Giver, Takers,Continue reading “Demands, Commands, and other types of Mands . . .”

Christian Fortune Tellers . . .

The modern charismatic church by and large has gotten backwards the role of prophecy. From what I have witnessed prophecy has become a Christian version of fortune telling. It is wrongly believed that the role of the prophet is to foretell the future. Prophecy emerged at a time before we had a completed Old TestamentContinue reading “Christian Fortune Tellers . . .”