Spiritual Dumpster Diving . . .

Suppose I found out that you were starving and in need of food.  It just so happens to turn out that I am the owner of 3 Michelin Star restaurant. So I give you at no cost a free membership pass to my restaurant. This membership allowed you to enter the restaurant 24/7 and eatContinue reading “Spiritual Dumpster Diving . . .”

A Fonzi Moment . . .

Back in the day of my youth, there was a hit TV series called “Happy Days.” There was a side character played by Henry Winkler named Fonzi who quickly became a fan favorite and star. He was a greaser biker of the 50’s, he always wore a leather jacket, and was always supposed to beContinue reading “A Fonzi Moment . . .”

Never Assume Anything . . .

One of the sad tendencies of the modern church is place prophets and leaders on pedestals. As we have seen regarding kings, having God’s anointing does NOT equal having God’s approval. That is no less true for prophets. No one is ever to be followed blindly. 1 John 4:1 NASB – 1 Beloved, do notContinue reading “Never Assume Anything . . .”