Cooties, Cooties, You Got the Cooties . . .

In the United States there is a game that children play called “You Got the Cooties.”  While on one hand the game is supposed to be fun, on the other hand it quite often becomes a vicious, sly way of bullying and manipulating other children. What happens is that when a popular child feels threatenedContinue reading “Cooties, Cooties, You Got the Cooties . . .”

Christianity vs Churchianity . . .

I want to leave the subject of politics and prophets, and discuss another issue facing the church. I must admit that I did not come up with the title phrase by myself. I most recently heard it from author Sheila Wray Gregoire. Where on a recent podcast of to “Love, Honor and Vacuum” she addressContinue reading “Christianity vs Churchianity . . .”