We’re Caught in a Trap . . .

If anyone out there still recognizes that line it comes from the king.  No, not King Jesus, but that other king with a small “k” – Elvis Presley.  Unlike rockers of today’s era, it was not unusual for a classic rockers of the 50’s to also release an album full of songs of faith.  ManyContinue reading “We’re Caught in a Trap . . .”

Throwing a Completed Pass . . .

This may sound like a simple concept, but sometimes that which is most obvious is most overlooked.  In American Football, for a quarterback to throw a successful down field pass he must throw the ball to where the receiver will be, not where the receiver starts running his route. But that concept is hardly recognizableContinue reading “Throwing a Completed Pass . . .”

Animal Farm . . .

I am giving a heads up in advance that today’s blog may seem a bit lengthy and controversial, but I am encouraging the reader from the very beginning to read the entire blog and hearing me out fully before jumping to any conclusions. When I was in seminary the infamous televangelist scandals of the 80’sContinue reading “Animal Farm . . .”

A Church Full of Plastic Surgeons . . .

I was texting back and forth with a good friend regarding the recent dissertation I linked to by Colleen Batchelder: I made the comment that the church coffee bar was a bad idea. Because it actually had the opposite of the intended effect.  We thought that we were being hip, cool, and inclusive, but theContinue reading “A Church Full of Plastic Surgeons . . .”

Ignoring the Obvious

I am including two posts and two very different accounts of modern-day persecution.  BOTH are horrific.  I touched on this once before: Tigray survivors share horrors of mass killings as Sunday school kids are among thousands dead https://www.christianpost.com/news/tigray-survivors-detail-massacres-as-many-kids-are-among-the-dead.html and ‘Practically this has been a genocide’ Doctors say rape is being used as a weapon ofContinue reading “Ignoring the Obvious”

A Deer, A Doe, A Female Deer . . .

Quite a few of you out there will recognize those words as the opening line from the song Do-Re-Mi, from the musical Sound of Music.  In it, the governess Maria was teaching the children in her charge the very basic concept of music.  And through that song, many countless children have taken their very firstContinue reading “A Deer, A Doe, A Female Deer . . .”

The Church vs The Kingdom vs The Culture

I have been trying to wrap my head around a new term I heard the other day called “Exvangelical.”  While it may seem like a heady term, it basically refers to those who can no longer identify as an Evangelical.  And this has hit home in a very profound way. https://www.vice.com/en/article/akdbee/what-its-like-to-leave-the-evangelical-community-exvangelicals While this article onlyContinue reading “The Church vs The Kingdom vs The Culture”

The Mask of Zorro . . .

In my previous blog, I referred to the movie the Mask of Zorro (1998) staring Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Early on, Anthony Hopkins plays Zorro. Upon ousting a corrupt government, the villain locate his secret hideout, accidently kills his wife, and kidnaps their baby.  After years of being imprisoned, he later raises up AntonioContinue reading “The Mask of Zorro . . .”

The Invention of Christianity . . .

There is an old joke that goes “On the sixth day God created man in his image, and on the seventh, man returned the compliment.”  Or take the traditional explanation for the Septuagint (an early Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament from around the time of Christ). The story goes that basically 70 HebrewContinue reading “The Invention of Christianity . . .”

Not Living in the Supernatural . . .

If you are like most Pentecostals / Charismatics uttering those words may seem like a betrayal of the faith.  Believe or not, I have prayed for deaf, mute, and blind individual in an ICU unit, who was expected to die after a debilitating stroke which left him practically brain dead, to only see him regainContinue reading “Not Living in the Supernatural . . .”