Ignoring the Obvious

I am including two posts and two very different accounts of modern-day persecution.  BOTH are horrific.  I touched on this once before:

Tigray survivors share horrors of mass killings as Sunday school kids are among thousands dead



‘Practically this has been a genocide’ Doctors say rape is being used as a weapon of war in Ethiopia’s conflict


However, only one story highlights that this is persecution against Christians.

The unspoken theology is that Christians are never persecuted.  It is true that many have arisen to prominence from within Christianity to abuse and persecute others.  And those people need to be held responsible for their actions.  However, to pretend that likewise this doesn’t happen by other the cultures towards Christians by major news networks is disheartening to say the least.  These women were just not the victims of sexual assault but of religious persecution.  Their rape was a means to end.  If this happened in the United States in reverse, be sure the religious faith issue would not be ignored. Their political affiliation was towards a more peaceful government because of their faith. To ignore that changed hearts are feared by those who seek to manipulate, and control, is a sad state by modern journalists.

And so while we grieve the loss of our brothers and sisters and their torture, in our anger over our faith being rejected by mainstream culture. Let us not overlook the need to pray for the soldiers, government, and main stream media that are carrying out, as well as ignoring this affliction:

  • Matthew 5:44 ESV – 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

So I encourage you even in the midst of the saddest and harshest of circumstances, when it is the most difficult to love much my friends, because that is when it is needed the most.

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