It Looks like a Three Dog Night . . .

There was a rock group in the early seventies known as Three Dog Night. There name is derived from someone homeless on the street, knowing that it will be a cold night, he is in need of at least three dogs to keep him warm while he sleeps. Two of the biggest hits of this group were Joy to the World (not to be confused with the Christmas carol) and Black and White (a song about ending segregation to help work towards racial harmony). And ironically combine the chorus* from Joy to the World with Black and White at the same time, our lives are enriched for the better.

One of the reasons I have liked living where I do is that there are many races and cultures living for the most part in peace. Are there differences and friction from time to time, yes. But the harmony is a refreshing change from some tunes that are sung elsewhere in our country. I have an odd opinion that just as one drug dealer can arrive as a stranger in a town and within an hour find others to buy and sell drugs, so too can people come across others who seek willingly and freely to befriend one another, regardless of race or culture. And so it was I found myself talking with a brother who said exactly what I have said a million times over, . . . there is only one race of mankind, and that is the human race. If there has been one huge positive coming out of the growing popularity of DNA background analysis, is that we are all a hodgepodge and mixed blend of characteristics. Some may be more localized, but we are all a mixture of various types of people and cultures.

In talking with some of my brothers and sisters in Christ who may be considered African American, most of them all gave the current president the benefit of the doubt when he was elected. And I came to discover that like myself, found his arrogance to be appalling at times. They also felt he had a chance to live up to his Christian ideals, but like myself, realized he was not learning how to be more compassionate to those who did not see things his way. They gave him a chance to prove them wrong. But at the same time I would be hard pressed to beleive that the same benefit of the doubt is being extended the other way hidden behind the excuse of “But God Told Me.” All those so called prophets seem so sure that God will put Trump into office still. I realize that this may not be true all over, but does seem to hold true where I live.

Search YouTube for “Evangelical Meltdown” and you will see a mostly end parade of white people claiming to be prophets, stating that Trump is the real president elect. This begs a question, “Did God forget to speak to the black prophets, or are only white people called to be prophets in the modern Charismatic movement?” If you have read any of my previous posts you would know that is an absurd rhetorical question. But like an outdated 1970’s television show, the list of Trump prophets include every now and then a token black person, but they are not by far not the norm. I understand there may be concerns about what constitutes a “proper legal vote” verses an “intended legal vote.” But my concern today is not for issues of law and politics but a much larger and pressing issue from within the Charismatic church in America.

My volatile unspoken theology of this post that the church’s message is still tainted and stained with racism as demonstrated by people whose skin tone which looks an awful lot alike also prophesy an awful lot alike. Ouch! But as stated in a previous post, I can not be afraid to give the hard word when needed.

When I grew up, at a very early age, my school was one of the first neighborhood schools to be torn down and integrated into other schools with children from different races. And I am a much better person for that experience. I still know of older students who never adjusted. And if you would have told me then that we would still be fighting the same race issues today, 50 years later, I would have thought you were crazy. But it appears I am not.

I am not saying that bigots do not exist in all races. Unfortunately they do. But the trend I see currently is that the white portion of the church is having a much harder time than the black portion offering reconciliation to the other side. The fear is running rampant that their way of life is about to change. And it is. And just like 50 years ago, there still is tension. But if you want to join the call to love one another, bless those who persecute you, and do good to those who hate you, there is still plenty of room at the table in the midst of our enemies. Because if we can not learn to heed the call to love and forgive, it will indeed be a cold and dark three dog night.

So as always, love much my friends . . .

PS Editor’s note, I thought this message was too much needed to not post twice on the same day

*PSS Editor’s note, Ahh the innocence of childhood. It had been years since I listened to Joy to the World. While driving with my daughter in the car today, she asked about the song I was referring to in my blog. So I played it for her. I almost had my own meltdown as the verses aren’t do not reflect an lifestyle to emulate. But honestly I must admit I still like that early seventies sound though I do not miss the bell bottom jeans . . . lol.

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